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Many times when deciding on whether or not to invest in a program, you have nothing but the sales page to go by.

That's not the case with us. We have an abundance of real reviews and case studies from our students and clients.

£235,000 in the first year

£2.1m in sales

£1.2m in sales in first 3 years

Our Client Highlights

"I joined two weeks ago... 4 people booked calls. 1 bought my $10,000 program!"

Hey everyone! I joined two weeks ago. I changed my webinar around but it was a MESS. But I made the call to action "book a call with me" and, lo and behold, 4 people booked calls. One bought my $10,000 program!

- Suzanne Doyle-Ingram

"Should be a 7-figure run-rate this year if all goes well."

We have made $172.5k in a little over 2 months. Should be a 7-figure run-rate this year if all goes well.

- Manoj Somasundaram

"December was an over $50k month"

YES!! December was an over $50k month. Can't believe how seamless it was to do it. Only possible with this amazing machine!"

- Robert Chambers

"At least 4 sales a month. We are so enjoying this process!"

Average of at least 2 sales per 10 calls booked. At least 4 sales a month. We are SO enjoying this process!! Thank you so much again to Jon and the whole team!

Odille Remmert

"I've sold $15,000 worth of courses in the last 48 hours"

Hey Jon, I sold my first Virtual Mastery Program to the very first call that booked!

Not only that, I've sold $15,000 worth of courses in the last 48 hours. (A couple on payment plans)!

- Lisa Hugo

"Thanks to what I learned from Jon we did over $500,000!

So this was our first full year and thanks to what I learned from Jon & the Team at AdClients we did OVER $500K!!

I am SO PUMPED! Can't wait for what this next year will bring!

- Summer Jeronimo

"$32,452.50 in total sales closed in bank Pending to come: $16,982.50"

Total Sales for March if pending latter clears: $49,435. Zero ad spend. From emailing out list of 30k.

Wow. A big hug to AdClients. Very honored and grateful.

- Christina Cabral

"I got my first sales call booked!"

The fact that it got booked is almost more important to me than the result of the call itself, as I now know that THAT part of the funnel works.

- David Payne

"Total ad spend £11,000 Total Sales: £70,000"

Cannot thank Jon Penberthy and the team enough for giving me the tools I needed to change my life in such a short space of time.

Next step - scale!

- Fez Ahmed

Jon I just want to thank you dude,

you’ve been able to take my business

from literally zero to generating over 35,000 email leads and over $1.2

Million dollars in sales in just 1 of my businesses with the strategies and techniques that you teach inside your program

- Josh Elder

"I have just been reviewing my sales since joining and I have hit the £100k!"

Thanks, Jon and the team for the support in making this happen, I love the webinar format and am confident I can reach the next 100k in half the time!

- Gary Das

"Total sales since joining you = 28K"

Feeling great! haven't even switched ads on! Total sales since joining you = $28K (including my 1-1s).

Nilesh Satguru

"Smashed through the entire of 2021's revenue in the 45ish days"

Wanted to share this win with the team. Smashed through the entire of 2021's revenue in the first 45ish days since course launch! About £35k in ad spend for this revenue but another 30k+ or so to come in on payment plans. Just a big thanks to everything you guys do.

- Ben Sturman

$1,213, 525 since April 2021

I've done it! I've been with you longer that!

- Phil Harris

"Just now we made new high of $129,500. Wow!!!"

Jon, you amazing man! We have done it!! After setting the goal for 2 years we finally hit 6 figures a month in January this year. We backed in up again in February and just now in March, we made new high of $129,500 wow!!!

- Phil Kelley

I have achieved more value and focused content in the past week than I have in the past 12 months!

Just wanted to send a massive thank you shout out to all the team, from the sales call to the support calls, I am just blown away by the level of content and support every single day.

- Sue Blackhurst

"It's exciting when it all starts to fall into place."

Hey Guys, I just wanted to say that it's a great idea to follow the course as closely as you can.

A year ago I was getting unbelievably cheap leads, but my webinar wasn't really converting so I decided to create a coaching program and closed 2 out of 6 calls at $7k each!

- Walter Peters

Now operating at a 70% conversion rate"

Ok awesome! Not sure what's happening but closed another person and now am operating at a 70% Conversion rate.

- Gareth Foxon

"January sales were £28,000 ($38,782!)"

Thank you for today, Jon. Jan sales were £28,000 or $38,782!

- Michaela Weaver

Over £19k in one day!"

Zee made £19,625.45 to be exact, following our programme and methods.

- Zee Adam

"I'm closing around 3-5 people a week at $2,500 a person"

I have been closing like crazy. I joined less than 3 months ago. I've used the same webinar and I'm closing around 3-5 people a week at $2,500 a person.

- Kevin Barnes

"I guess my testimonial is that I tripled my money!"

Spent $300 in advertising, 28 people registered, 6 attended, and 3 purchased. So I guess my testimonial is that I tripled my money.

- David Schultz

"I've been able to create 3x return on investment with the valuable training!!"

I've been able to create a 3x ROAS on my first ad right off the bat with the valuable training from you! It's really been a valuable investment for our business.

- Denver Riddle

"$35k in, $102k out in 3 months...they know what they are talking about!"

$35k in, $102k out in 3 months. This is the power of YT ads when connected to a solid funnel.

Wanted to share to inspire an

yone going through Jon and Aaron's training.

- Dan Ryder

"So far cold traffic on YouTube is 8x cheaper than traffic on Facebook!"

Super happy with the costs per lead, and the fact these people are looking for the kind of stuff we sell is icing on the cake. So far the cold traffic from YouTube is 8x less expensive than "targeted" cold traffic on FB.

- Jason O'Neil

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